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Go Bulldogs!

This is our first season of playing youth basketball, and we are really enjoying it. J is pretty darn athletic across the board (something I’m sure he gets from me), and he has really taken to basketball.

He is lucky to have a really fabulous coach. Coach Troy has older sons and coaches many sports, so he is really patient with the boys and believes in teaching them real skills. He is also fun.

Our game schedule includes a 45 minute practice followed by a 45 minute game. During practice the boys look like a professional team in the NBA. They run drills and call plays (yes 7 year-olds calling “play 2, play 2” ). They are poised and accurate. It is very cute and I’m sure a little intimidating to our opponents. Then…. the game starts. And I’m not kidding when I tell you a different team walks out on the court. They run back and forth as fast as they can. They throw the ball up at the net at every chance. They would never think to pass. They wrestle the ball from each other (yes – even their own team mates). It is so funny!

Now we are only a few weeks into games, and they are making progress – but we still have a long way to go. Tonight I do think I saw a couple intentional passes, and as they tired out in the 4 quarter, their shots got a little more accurate. J seems to have a good understanding of rebounding and defense, and I’m really excited to watch him grow in this sport.


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Polishing Silver

I love to get my craft on. I’m not picky about the medium either; I’ll scrap book, I’ll sew, I’ll paint.  But my favorite is to make little projects from junk I find at the Goodwill.

I’ve been collecting these cute trays over the last couple weeks during my Goodwill trips. I finally got them polished up and painted with a few coats of Chalkboard paint, and now they are ready for the Etsy store. They are super simple to make and if your Goodwill or junk store is like mine, they are pretty inexpensive. They also make good gifts. We gave them to family this Christmas, as well as the kids’ teachers.

If you want to see them bigger just click on a picture.

I have a couple around our house.  Some are in plate hangers on the wall and others are propped up in plate stands.  (the cheap ones from Walmart).  You’ll never look at those tarnished silver platters the same again!

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Did you guys see it too?

The sun came out today!! I don’t even remember how long it has been now. Feels like months. This afternoon after school we took all the old bread we had collected, and took a bike ride down to the pond in our neighborhood to feed the ducks. It was a short walk/ride, and it was a bit cold, but it felt so great to get outside.  I could even feel a little warmth from the sun.  Oh, sun…. how I’ve missed you.  Made me a little sad that it is still January, and that we are SOOO far from summertime.

A couple of shots from our walk.

I so hope we see the sun again soon.

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banner love

I’ve recently gotten hooked on all the cute banners that I saw on other blogs and decided to make one.  I made my first in one the fall and it turned out so stinkin’ cute!  I made another for Christmas, and not only was it cute, it went faster.  So now – I’m ready to make another one.  I’m thinking a SPRING banner.  (Pretty sure I won’t finish one in time for Valentine’s Day)

Here is my Fall banner.

(Sorry for the poor iphone pic quality.)

I followed the great tutorial over at Nannygoat.

I used the opposite letters to make another one at the same time and gave it to my mom.  I inked the edges and just used scraps of paper and ribbon that I had around the house.  Very inexpensive.

Unfortunately, I didn’t snap a picture of the Christmas one, and I’m not digging it out of the Christmas boxes!  It says “BELIEVE” and is similar to the Fall one.  It turned out really cute too.  I’ll be sure to post a picture if I get to a Spring one 🙂

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A Good Place to Start

A family picture seemed like a good place to start. Aren’t we so cute? I realized last year as I started thinking about a Christmas card, that we hadn’t had a family photo taken since Doodle was a baby – she is 5 now. You know how it goes. It is so much easier to send a picture of just the kids every year. After a little guilt, I asked a friend to meet us at the park and snap a few shots of us. It took longer to pick coordinating clothing and comb everyone’s hair than it did to take the picture, but I’m so happy we did it. It isn’t perfect, but it is us.

To start there is the hubby – high school sweet heart and best friend. J is 7, Doodle is 5 and Missy Moo is 2 1/2. All three are so sassy. I love how Doodle has her hands on her hips. So her! As we head into those awkward elementary years, when they aren’t quite so cute, I’ll be really thankful we took this. And who knows how long it will be until we take another!

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I have a huge stalker obsession with blogs. I LOVE to read them. I book mark them. I peruse them for craft idea. I watch the families of complete strangers grow up and I feel like I know them. Somehow my love for reading blogs has prompted me to write one. I’m not even exactly sure what I’ll write about yet. We’ll see how this goes. 🙂

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