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I had my eye on the cute book shelves for by the bed that I had seen in Land of Nod and Pottery Barn for ever! (you saw the prices on those, right?)   I wanted Hubby to build me a couple to put by the kids’ beds to help corral books. Of course it took him forever to finally get around to, but they turned out great. So then I encouraged him to start listing them on Ebay and Etsy. They have turned into a cute little bit of side work for him.

Here are a couple of pictures of the ones in my kids’ rooms.  My mom even has one in her bath room next to the toilet for magazines.  He can send them natural, so you can stain them to match your decor, or for a little more, he will paint it white.

Missy Moo’s collection of books.  She LOVES Mother Goose right now!

Doodle’s is a turning into a whiz at reading!  So proud of her.

J actually has two.  One at each bunk.  We have read alone books up top and read together books on the bottom.

Sample of an unfinished shelf.  Check out his listings at our Etsy store!

ps – Please keep our friends The Kellers in your thoughts and prayers.  Their little guy is in the hospital again, and it looks like the road to recovery may be a long one.  Thanks.


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frugal finds

“There is no such thing as absolute value in this world. You can only estimate what a thing is worth to you.” – Charles Dudley Warner, Novelist

I’ve really taken to shopping our local Goodwill. It is like going to a yard sale anytime I want. The selection is always changing, the prices are usually VERY good, and I can go ANYTIME I want. I wish I could haggle over prices though. That would make it perfect. Here are some of my finds from recent trips.

I just love these blue mason jars. Their lids are all old and cute! I’m not sure what I’ll do with them yet – but I’m always drawn to containers and jars for storage or gifts.

I found these pictures in great chunk frames the other day too. The pictures themselves are not my style, but I loved the frames. I think I will paint them and distress them a bit. I’ll have to give some thought as to what I want to put in them though. I was thinking silhouettes of the kids faces, but I like all 4 frames and I only have 3 kids. I’m still working on that part. (having more kids is not an option by the way!) I’ll post the after pictures when I get around to finishing this project.

I can’t keep myself away from the book aisle. Do I need more books? Absolutely not But they are $1.49 and I always think, maybe I’ll have time over summer to read it. So I have a supply of books to be read, and a pile of books that need to be passed on. I almost never reread a book. I don’t feel terribly guilty about my book addiction when I get them so cheap though, and it makes me happy to look at books.

Now everything on this shelf is Goodwill. The silver tray was one of the first trays I painted with chalkboard paint and kept it for myself. (needs to be polished again) The yellow and brown plate just spoke to me and I had to have it. The bird, well it started out hideous. I wish I had thought to take a before picture. It was covered in weird watercolors of brown, yellow and blue, so I gave it a couple of coats of white spray paint and now I LOVE it. I think it is so cute!

The key to the Goodwill is to go often. You never know what you will come across. Can’t wait to see what I find next time!

ps – I’m linking to the Shabby Nest, Finding Fabulous and Tales from Blogeritaville this week. 🙂

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Poor timing on my part

Look what we just picked up.

Look what I’m not letting myself eat.

I’m so sad. I did hijack one box of peanut butter cookies and stuck them in the freezer. I’m hoping I can pull them out later and enjoy them slowly. Maybe by then I won’t even want one. You think? Is that even possible?

Several people have asked about the sugar thing, which makes me think most people are struggling with it as well.  I wanted to write about my thinking behind my sugar ban.  Now I have to be honest.  I know that I have a high metabolism and that thus far in my life I really have eaten what ever I want.  But I also would like it known that I work out.  I work out a lot and hard.  Problem was I didn’t feel great.  For someone who was running as much as I was, I didn’t feel healthy.  I’ve been getting sick constantly.  I get sick way more often than my children.  I was tired and run down.  I also didn’t like that I thought about something that I knew wasn’t healthy for me all day long.  I really was eating junk all day.

Because of said metabolism, I’ve never done a “diet”.  I think with the exception of constant dessert, I eat pretty well.  I eat whole grains.  I eat fruits and vegetables.  I limit my soda to one a day and then drink tons of water.  And every day I would wake up and tell myself I would cut back on the sugar that day.  You know how that goes right?  By lunch I’d finished the bag of M&Ms and eaten 4 cookies and was already eyeballing the last doughnut.  This is the first time I made a specific plan for myself – no more dessert (aka sugar) and most importantly, I said it out loud.  And wrote it here which was even harder!

I am still eating sugar in all kinds of other ways.  I had strawberries the other day.  I had a piece of gum during my meeting on Monday.  I had a Chinese chicken salad today that was covered in sugary dressing.  But those aren’t the sugars I can’t control.  I’m out of control with the dessert; cookies, candy, doughnuts, cake, candy bars, yummy treats.  Let me tell you – I miss them so much!  I could eat a dozen bakery doughnuts right now!  Maple bars….. mmm.  They had turned into a big part of my life and sadly, a part of the lives of my children.

So, it has been 1 week and a day.  It was really hard to walk away from the open box of Girl Scout cookies in my fridge this morning.  I’m a little afraid of falling off the wagon in an ugly way, but I think I’m going to keep at this.  I feel a little more rested (or this has been a light week?), and I feel really proud of myself.  I’ve seriously never gone this long without a Snicker’s bar.  I don’t own a scale or I’d let you know if I’ve lost any weight yet.  Maybe I’ll buy one this weekend.  I feel like I need to give it several weeks and see if I notice a significant health benefit.  I’m thinking I will.  And of course – I’ll let you know!

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I was able to bust my sewing machine out over the weekend and work on a couple of projects.  One was this cute key chain that I saw at The Idea Room.  Of course, mine is a little crooked and is not quite as perfect as hers, but it was quick and easy.  I will definitely make more.  I actually did make more 🙂 I gave one to my BFF, but forgot to take a picture of it.

We put the keys to the trailer on this one.

I also took some pictures of a couple of pillow case dresses I recently made.  One is for Missy Moo as a dress come Springtime, but it also looks cute on Doodle as a shirt.  The other I gave to a friend as a birthday gift.

They are the easiest little things to make.  I have been picking up cute vintage pillow cases at the Goodwill with the expectation to make them into these cute dresses.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get the sewing machine out again before Spring.

PS – The Sugar limiting has been hard.  It has only been 3 days.  3 long days.  I do fine until I eat a meal and then I want dessert.  I’m also eye balling doughnut shops all around town.  They are calling to me.  I think I might be eating more snacky junk to make up for the sugar, but I’m definitely not enjoying it like I would a big bowl of ice cream!  I am really surprised by how often I think about a sweet treat throughout my day.  And no, I haven’t given up my one soda a day.  I’m pretty sure I’d kill someone if I did that, but I am sticking to one – and that seems to be just fine.  I’ll let you know how I’m doing in a week!

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No photo in this one. You’ll thank me later. M – also known as barf-aroni – threw up all over my car today. After she just finished a red Icee. About a minute before we got to my in-law’s house. So gross! She is like a pro now. She doesn’t cry or get upset, she just keeps throwing up. More and more of it.

On the plus side – the hubby and I took the cars to the car wash and used their free vacuums and our towels and such and cleaned out BOTH cars.

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Love is in the air

We have been dong some major celebrating of Valentine’s day around here.  With two kids in school, you really can’t help it.  I offered to make cookies for J’s class to decorate during their party today, so J and I whipped up several dozen last night.  We sent 30 in to his class and had a few left over to decorate for our selves.  So glad I’m not off sugar yet!

And of course we made our valentine cards (okay – I pretty much made them, but you know what I mean).

I saw this idea on several blogs, but I can’t remember a single specific one now.  I think it may have been in Family Fun as well.

A few weeks ago I found two pillow cases at the Goodwill for a dollar each and they screamed, “make me into a cute Valentine skirt for your girls!”  So I did.  I really pretty proud of them.  Then I used extra fabric to “applique” a heart onto a white shirt the girls already had.  I say “applique” because the stitching turned out horrible.  I’m a little embarrassed, but it was my first time.  The girls got tons of compliments on their matching outfits.

Our weekend shouldn’t be too busy.  The hubby is doing some side projects (yeah).  There is  a basketball game for J on Saturday, and my sewing machine is calling my name to come craft.  No school or work on Monday either.  If the sun stays out, it should be a fantastic Valentine’s weekend.  Sending love to all of you!

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I need more space!

My computer is about 7 years old.  In computer years, that is like 300.  It has been a good computer to us over the years, but it is starting to hold me back.  Today, I had a chance to work in my office and get a few things done – thanks to my in-laws 🙂  But… every thing I tried to do required so much work!  I wanted to sync my iphone, but was required to download the newest itunes first.  Well, sorry… not enough space for that.  I wanted to take the pictures off my camera from our trip to the snow.  Yeah, again…. not enough space for that.  Then the freezing up, the rebooting, the programs that don’t fully load.  The pop up that keeps telling me I have low disc space.  Yeah – I know!  AHHH.  So frustrating.  I just want to use my computer.

Anyhow- I have a techie brother in-law who is going to help us out and get us a new, faster, bigger computer (thanks Dave!).  Of course I can’t afford said computer, but the price is worth my sanity at this point.  In the mean time – I wanted to share a picture from this weekend.  I finally got it to upload, but I haven’t been able to do any editing of it yet.  We had a fabulous time in Tahoe.  The snow was beautiful and we even got a little snow fall on us in spurts throughout Saturday.  So much fun.

Hope you all had a great weekend as well!

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