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I’m on the mend!

This morning I was able to talk myself into going for a little run! I went really slow and walked whenever I felt my back getting tight. I only did a mile and a half, but I have felt good all day – so that is a start.
It is funny, but at first I was really missing my runs, and was discouraged to be on hiatus. Not so much anymore. I really don’t even want to run now. I’d really rather just sit on my ice pack and surf blogs, however I know swim suit season is coming, and so a running I will go!
My cousin and I are thinking about a local 5K that we have done for the last few years together. It is in May – so that may be a good starting goal for me. It is so hard to think about how much ground I lost in the last 4 weeks. 7 miles seems absolutely impossible! Hopefully my back will keep feeling better and better!


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Love Your Mother

I don’t usually like silly little made up holidays – but if Earth day encourages you to make a little green change in your life, I say go for it! Lovin’ me some Mother Earth! Switch to reusable bags, use cloth diapers, line dry some clothes, plant a garden, recycle, shop second hand, use homemade organic cleaners. The list goes on and on. Try this site for more ideas. There are so many small changes that your family can make today – and they aren’t hard! Get the kids involved and go for it. Now carry on 🙂

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Missy Moo’s New Scooter!

J got a cute little 3 wheeled scooter when he was 2. It was black with a big ugly Batman sticker on it. I hated the batman logo – but he loved it. It has been used and abused over the years. He has since moved up to the sleek and wobbly Razor scooter, and so has Doodle for that matter.
This weekend we decided to give the scooter a make over for Missy Moo. We went to the hardware store and picked up a can of the most obnoxious pink spray paint and got started.
I wish I took a real before picture. By the time I thought of it, the Hubby already had it apart, had stripped the stickers and was sanding it up.

Then he started applying coats of pink paint. He really is a much better painter than I am.

This is how good the Hubby is – he told me I should get my Cricut out and cut some vinyl letters out for the black step.

When he got it all together again this evening and brought her down to see it she squealed! She kissed the scooter and said, “I love my scooter! Thank you Daddy!” She is such a sweet thing!

I have a feeling she will be riding it all day tomorrow!

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I made this!

And This!

I’m really pretty proud of myself.  My mom got me a sewing machine for Christmas, and the pink and blue apron was the first thing I made.  It took me FOREVER!  I had never worked with bias tape before….  Anyhow – I just love how it turned out and wanted to make another one.  The black and white one went SOOO much faster and also turned out super cute.  I thought I would just keep them both, but it seemed silly (especially considering how much cooking I do!), so I listed the black and white one on etsy.  And it already sold!  If I was getting paid by the hour, this would not be a lucrative career for me, but for now it is just fun.

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New Camera Strap Cover

I found a really simple tutorial over at Priddy Creations for making a camera strap cover. She makes some beautiful camera bags, straps, and accessories – if you don’t want to sew your own.  I followed it (almost) exactly, and it totally turned out!! I added a little bid of batting to it for some cushion because I didn’t have fusible fleece, and used some cute material I had. I just love it. The hubby has said that he doesn’t think he will be taking my camera any time soon with such a girlie cover though.

Perfect way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon.

I’m linking to Skip to My Lou and her Made By You Monday and The Idea Room.

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baseball season

Sometimes I feel like I’ve lived an entire lifetime at a baseball diamond.  Growing up, my dad played on numerous teams – coed church teams, winter hardball teams, coaching little league teams.  I have great memories of playing under the bleachers with friends and learning to appreciate the game.  My brother then played little league and eventually my husband played on our high school team and later on rec teams with friends.  I was the team wife – keeping score, managing equipment and such.  I really do understand the game.  I get the mental part.  And as much as I have an affection and appreciation for the game – it isn’t my favorite sport.  It is just too slow for an ADD girl like me.

Now that J is in his 3rd season, I keep hoping that it will speed up and be as exciting as watching him play soccer.  Maybe this will be the season.  In the mean time…  I still love the idea of baseball.  I think it is the being outside after a long winter indoors.  I think it is the promise that summer vacation is right around the corner.  I know it is the great friends we meet out on the baseball fields.  I love watching my girls run around in the grass and play catch with their dad while we watch J’s practices and games.  Baseball just feels good.

Couple of shots from the first practices.

Go Phillies!

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Got together with my BBF a few weeks ago and we busted out a couple of SPRING banners. We made them totally different, but both so cute. I tried to make the process a little easier and found pre-scalloped 8×8 paper at Michael’s on clearance to use as the back ground, but the process of finding matching papers and getting everything coordinated took me FOREVER.  BFF’s banner was all from a paper supply she already had, we cut every piece on the Cricut, and I think it went just as fast or faster than my “easy” one.

Here’s mine hanging on the hutch in the dining room.  The paper is a little more modern than I usually go for, but I figure if it doesn’t work for me, I’ll list it on etsy and make myself another one!

I asked the BFF send me a picture of her banner so I could show you guys – but she has been a little busy.  She’ll read this and feel bad now 🙂  It is super cute too.

Hope everyone had a great Spring Break an Easter!

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