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just a few of my questions

I found this site that has a quick little list of the questions left unanswered by Lost. If you have watched the show in the past, you probably forgot you had some of these questions.


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I’m Still Lost

We were a little late getting into the show lost. We rented the first 2 seasons on DVD just before the 3rd season started – and we were hooked! The show was engaging and well written and the scenery and cast were oh so beautiful. We looked forward to each new episode… even when the show started filming only 10 shows a year. No problem. We waited 6 months for the next season to see where the story would go next.
Yes, the story line was out there. Yes, there were many loose ends and many questions without answers. But that is what brought us back each week. Surely all the show’s mysteries would be explained and the answers revealed.
And when the producers came out with an ending date for the series, it SEEMED as though they had a plan. They had the storyline finished in their head, and would begin the slow tidy wrap up of the scattered plot line.

Yeah- NO!
There was no such plan.
Only more questions.
More characters were introduced this season.
More random time, space travel and parallel universe junk.

I won’t tell you specifically HOW it ended just in case you are still planning on watching the last episode. But I will tell you how disappointed I am. I want every Tuesday for the last six years that I spent watching Lost back. JJ Abrams owes me hours of my life. How can you just keep building suspense and riddles with no intentions to explain what they mean? And the end – please!! Total cop-out. It was like Dallas, but worse!

On a positive note, I LOVED that Charlie was brought back for the last couple of episode. He was always my favorite.

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We had Missy Moo’s birthday last week.

She wanted to have a party with all of her friends, and although I was hoping to not really do a whole birthday party – I couldn’t resist her. So, we kept it simple and invited just a few of her little 3 year old friends.  We had it at home with a tea party theme.  She was so excited, and they were so cute!

For the decorations I used anything pretty I owned.  My cousin and I had put together a tea party baby shower not long ago, so I had several cup and saucer sets that I felt comfortable letting the girls use.  I pulled out the silver serving set that NEVER gets used, my glass plates, and anythings else pretty I could find. Then I put out fresh flowers.

Of course I made this cute banner.

The girls looked so sweet as they showed up all dressed for Tea.  They played outside and then upstairs playing dress up. Then we came down and had a tea party. I had gloves for the girls to wear and made each girl a cute little apron to take home.

I had a few “activities” just in case we needed them, but the girls just wanted to play and they were so cute doing it.

Happy Birthday Missy Moo!!

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I know I’m lucky

I just wanted to share what a nice Mother’s Day I had. The whole weekend was a quiet relief from our very hectic week. The family and I even planted a garden yesterday. (I’ll keep you posted)
And though I’m lucky in many areas of my life – my family makes me the luckiest! Specifically my extended family. My parents are always supportive, generous and involved, and I actually have all four of my grandparents still alive and very much a part of my life. (Isn’t that amazing!) I also have the world’s greatest in-laws. They make us feel like we are giving them a treat to be able to watch our children for us. The most fantastic part is that they ALL like each other as well. Yeah- all of them.
This morning for Mother’s day we went to brunch at the golf course my in-laws are members of with my in-laws, my father in-law’s mother, my husband’s brother and sister in-law, my parents, and my mother’s parents. (and my crazy kids) We have gone on vacations together, numerous camping trips, spend several holidays together and of course kids’ birthday parties. Once, my parents and my husband’s parents ended up on the same cruise together!
I hear such heartbreaking stories from friends about their horrid in-laws and the stressful holidays and birthday they share. I feel so lucky to have what we have! Thank you to my wonderful family! All of you!
And… We had a delicious brunch and nobody had to cook or clean. How ingenious is that!? I’m thinking about a nap now 🙂

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She turned 3 today!

It feels so strange to say my baby is 3. Granted she hasn’t been a baby for about 2 years – she is such a big shot. Sometimes I just want to bite her. Sometimes I really do nibble on her 🙂

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