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Garden update

I wanted to post a few picks from the garden. It has TAKEN OFF! It is now getting about 4 hours of sun everyday and it seems pretty happy 🙂

They’ve gotten so big and green!

The tomato plants are out of control, and the peppers have flowers all over them. We did get a new cucumber, but it took off pretty slow. It seems good now.

The squash in this box is amazing! They are almost taking over the box. You can even see the green beans that are starting to climb the trellis, and the corn is growing in the back. We’ll see how these do!

All the zucchini flowers.

There is one little tomato so far, but there are tons of flowers. (Maybe they need more sun?)

So far, we are so proud of ourselves. The kids love going out and checking the growth too.


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Ballet – kittens

Doodle had her ballet recital this weekend, and it was so cute. The studio where she takes lessons puts on quite the production. They have shows going all day on Saturday (6 of them) with about 18 numbers in each show and about 15 kids in each number. I don’t even want to do the math on the amount of money spent between the monthly lessons, the costumes, the pictures, the recital fees, the flowers, the hair and make up – all for about 2 minutes on stage.
I will say that Doodle LOVES it! She loves being on the stage and getting all dressed up for her performance. It is very sweet to watch. Her group had been having some difficulties remembering parts of their dance (okay – really just 2 little girls who could NOT listen or pay attention), but they totally pulled it off on Saturday. They were so cute. At the end of the number they were supposed to hold a little pose with their hands up in a clawed position and look at the audience and smile. The look on her face was priceless. It just melted us.
She was so stinkin’ cute. Unfortunately they really frown on photography during the performance, and without a flash I’d be dead anyhow – so I took some shots of her group at rehearsal. They turned out okay.

Cutest little back cats around!

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When I was planning Missy Moo’s tea party, I found this cute plate at the Goodwill and just had to had it. I figured something would come to me. A week or so later I found the crystal candle stick holder. I brought them home and told the hubby to “make them stick together and never come apart”. He said, “okay.” When he came in from the garage they were stuck together! Never to come apart again. I think he used some sort of industrial epoxy. It is a little bubbly on the bottom, but you don’t see that part. I think it turned out so sweet!

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The Garden

We are trying our hand at a garden for the first time!! The hubby wanted to plant all the makings for salsa, and I wanted a few summer vegetables to round out dinner. I got the book Square Foot Gardening and used it as a guide. We followed some of his guidelines on soil preparation and then built our boxes pretty close to his specifications. For the record, it cost us an absolute fortune to buy all the soil, peat moss, compost, manure and such. Could have bought all the produce we could eat and more!
The hubby built the boxes one day while I was at work, and when I came home he had already dug back our side hill. This would be when I noticed that the hill he cut back to place our garden boxes was UNDER A TREE! Of course this makes plenty of sense when digging, but not so much for growing a garden. After we watched it for a couple of days and I convinced him that the 2 1/2 hours of sun light it got wasn’t going to be enough – he finally believed me. He has taken steps to severely trim back that tree, and it is better. It is getting a good 4 hours of sun now!

The organizer in me loves the grid pattern. I don’t know if it makes for a better garden, but I like it!

As you can see my cucumbers died within days of planting them, and I’ll probably have more tomatoes and cilantro than we can use, but I’m really excited at how good everything looks right now! You know… green!

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I knew I wanted to set up some kind of incentive program to keep my kids reading over the summer. I didn’t however, want something complicated that I would need to monitor, or something unrealistic. I also wanted them to be excited about it.
I decided that J should sit to read in 25 minute increments, and Doodle in 20 – and that over the course of the summer, they should do this 25 times. It works out to less than 3 times a week. Totally doable! They especially liked that it equals 625 and 500 minutes of reading. Doesn’t that sound impressive? Especially to a 5 and 7 year old. As a reward, they will earn a special treat that we agree upon. J has already decided on a model to work on to hang in his room. Doodle hasn’t decided.
My rules were that they needed to sit quietly and only read. They could ask for help on some words if needed, but that they weren’t reading TO me. They can even pick what ever books they want too. Then I upped the ante by offering extra points for working out of the math book that their school sent home for summer or for writing me a story (they both love to write).
They were home with Grammy and Papa today and sat down to read for 20/25 minutes 3 times each, they both worked in their math books for 25 minutes each and both wrote me very cute stories with illustrations! I think my in-laws thought I was crazy for setting up this insane program.
Before I launch into a “my kids are amazing” “aren’t they so smart” rant – I will totally own that it was day one. I know, and am even hoping, that they will lose a little interest in the next week or so. I do hope that it is simple and attainable though, and that they keep wanting to read all summer. It is pretty cute for now!

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