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So the garden has been… interesting. I think the plants really like the soil combination we made, and are growing like nobody’s business; however, the production level is a little lower than I expected, and that has to be all sun deficiency. We seriously have tomato trees. Here a shot from the garden’s early days…

This is now!

The peppers are happy 🙂

The crook necks are growing up the corn stalks.

look at all the flowers.

And look at all these tomatoes! They just WON’T turn red. We have even trimmed some of the bottom branches trying to deliver nutrients – and because the plants are so heavy they are on the verge of falling over.

For the record, my kids are sick of eating zucchini too. 🙂


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Lovin’ the Lake

Once upon a time…. I was a lake bum. I was a teacher and would spend my entire summer on the lake. I would go out on other people’s boats, take our boat out on my own, or go out with the hubby on weekends or in the evenings. I used to say that I was “this close” to going pro when I got pregnant and my wake boarding career was put on hold.
We took the kids and a couple of their friends out on the lake this week and had so much fun. It was a little strange to have a boat full of kids out there after all our years of partying and boarding our summers away.
I was able to find some pictures of the early years on the lake. Even a couple of when we owned wave runners too. (those things were so much fun!) Now please remember that these pictures were taken in 2000-2003, and were the very first images captured by our over priced and low performing FIRST digital camera. They are really bad shots! Also, we were a little younger, a little thinner, had a little more hair!

See that air!?!

Look how young and sweet he looks!

J’s first trip on the lake.

Here are some of the pics from our trip this week. They could have tubed and knee boarded all day. They loved it!

I absolutely LOVE being on the lake. We got out their early and didn’t get off until dinner. (We had to call the parents of the friends so they wouldn’t worry) It was just a beautiful day, and I see many more in our future. I can’t wait to watch the kids get into boarding and skiing and learn to love the lake like we do!

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My summer really only started 2 weeks ago, but once 4th of July hits… I feel like summer is winding down and it is all but done. With the hubby being home this summer we have really packed this time off with fun stuff, and I feel like I haven’t been home at all. I have the next 6 days to catch up on laundry and cleaning and packing, and then we are off again. It really is fabulous, I’m just not used to it. Usually our summers are slow and lazy and I get SOOO much done. I haven’t even had time to make a to do list this year! One of the things I was sure I would do over summer was blog more. Yeah- I guess that isn’t working out too well. I also had tons of crafty projects I wanted to complete and start and then complete and even blog about – but we’ll see how that works out. My kids go back to school so incredibly early, so I’ll have a couple weeks of them in school before I have to go back to work. Maybe I can cram a whole summer of projects into two weeks? In the meantime – we are having a fabulous summer. I’m sure one we won’t forget!
Here’s a couple of highlights so far.
We spent a BEAUTIFUL couple of days in Monterey.

Took an afternoon and played at John’s Incredible Pizza! The kids had a blast.

Boating on the lake 🙂

Swim team has taken up some of our summer too.

Did a little camping up at June Lake near Mammoth. So pretty.

Missy Moo even took swim lessons. She did great.

Doodle celebrated her 6th birthday with an arts and crafts party with a couple of friends.

See all good stuff – just busy! Be back soon.

Almost forgot – I also snuck in the midnight showing of this little piece of cinematic art.

So much fun!

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