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I finally finished something!

So these weeks seem to be flying by. I got a nasty cold on Thursday, and that wiped out the entire weekend. I’m feeling a little bit better now. Last week was really kind of relaxing and nice, and I gave myself permission to take it as easy as I wanted. I assumed that I would push myself to be busy and productive, but it turns out I’m really quite comfortable with lazy! Who knew?
I did finish all the cleaning out and purging and sorting of the kids stuff. I also got the sewing machine out. Yep set it up with all my stuff on the dining room table and haven’t done a thing with it.

But… I did manage to finish this project that I has been sitting in my office for months.

I’ve been slowly working on these sweet frames.  Even though they sat in the garage for several weeks, I kept thinking about them and envisioned them finished.  Eventually I went out in the garage and spent an afternoon and took the paper backing and staples off.  Then I pushed the original “art” out…. and threw everything in the trash!  Then I used a little putty on the corners where it looked like they weren’t together real well.  I don’t know that it helped much though.  Next I gave one a coat of white paint.  And it bubbled up.

Not happy.  So I busted out the primer and gave them all several coats of white primer.

And then…. they sat like that for weeks in the garage.  Finally, the hubby got tired of them in his garage, and started applying coats of shiny white paint for me.  This also took several days of a coat here and there – but finally, they all got a great little paint job.

Unfortunately, it took me forever to work on the silhouettes of the kids. Until…. this week!  The whole project probably took me 30 minutes!  I can’t believe I waited so long to finish them.  I just love them.  They are hanging above a console table in our entry.

I’m so happy with how they turned out!

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braces anyone?

I was taking the rest of the pictures from this summer off my camera and came across this cutie! Doesn’t she look like a little old lady? I love it. When I looked a little closer I noticed her severe under-bite. We have decided to not save for college or weddings for our daughters. We can only concentrate on paying for braces. She will thank us later!

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The kids went back to school today. I can’t believe our summer to remember is over!  I also can’t believe that they are this stinkin’ big!   They were so excited though.  Doodle started 1st grade and J is in 2nd.  Missy Moo couldn’t understand that her preschool wouldn’t be starting for another 3 weeks.

Doodle had a great time, but she said it was a bit of a long day. She gets tired after a normal day – this was a doozy for her!  She knew several friends in her class, which is amazing in a school as big as ours.  The kids often don’t know many kids from their previous class.

J was placed in a 2/3 combo class this year, and he was happy to see many kids he at least knew in there too.  He is a little older than some kids in his grade, and he is a good student so I’m sure he will do well.

Missy Moo and I hung out all day and played.  Not really, but we had a good day.  We went to the park with all the other younger siblings left home while their big brothers and sisters were at school.  We went to the grocery store, and we worked around the house.  It was a really nice day, just the two of us.

I got caught up on house stuff enough to start tackling some of my summer to do list this week.  I’m hoping to get my sewing machine out!!  It is weird how quiet the house is with just one kid hanging out!

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This morning I woke up and everywhere I looked was stuff… dirt…. and more stuff. There wasn’t a single room that was clean. I had myself a mini little meltdown. Then I remembered that there are 5 people in our house (well, 4 1/2) – and there was no reason they couldn’t help me fix this!

So we spent about an hour and a half this morning and did a mega clean.  The house looks good.  Not great, but definitely good enough to calm my nerves.  We got all the bathrooms cleaned – even the mirrors.  I hate it when I think it is done and then I come back later and see that I forgot the mirror.  It makes the whole room seem dirty.  We got the kitchen cleaned and swept and a quick mop done.  Even dusted the living room. And I’m still pretty caught up on laundry from our camping.

I feel so much better.  The kids start school on Monday.  Yes THIS Monday.  We’ve been slowly doing some cleaning of clothes and toys and school supplies, and I think that is adding to my clutter control issues.  I know it has to look worse before it looks better – but I hate making piles of stuff on to of dirt.  I’m hoping to get through the girl’s closet and the play room today.  Then I can make some huge donations!! and the house should feel a load lifted.

Next up is my summer of to do list stuff that I didn’t ever do 🙂  I have 2 weeks before I go back to work and I’m expecting some impressive productivity.

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