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Fall Projects

A couple of weeks ago, when the kids and I were home for Veteran’s Day – we decided to get our craft on. I pulled out an art project from the depths of my memory from my classroom teaching days and gathered all the supplies.  The kids painted their little hearts away and came up with these.

They had so much fun, and worked so hard.  They even did the outlining all by themselves, then signed each one.  I love that they are all different, and they look beautiful hanging in my hallway.


While they painted away, I got out the Cricut and made the letters “THANKFUL” and a bunch of leaf shapes.  I hung a piece of twine on my mantle and clipped the letters to it with little clothes pins from Michael’s.  The kids have been writing things that they are thankful for on the leaves and pinning them up.  I put all the extras in a bowl in the living room, and every once in a while they will add something else they think of.  Of course they are thankful for family and our house, but they are also thankful for video games and the hamsters and bike rides.  I love what they come up with.

It was fun to get a little creative with the kids, and they are always game for a project.  I guess in a few days it will be time to get the Christmas decorations out.  Oh my…


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Fall Wrap Up

Here is a little of what we’ve been up to!

Went up to Tahoe and did some hiking.  The kids were total troopers and it was absolutely gorgeous that day.  (we did change our shoes for the hiking part :))

Doodle and her soccer team.  These girls are so funny.  It doesn’t always look a lot like soccer, but they sure have a lot of fun!

J’s team is so fun to watch.  The boys have really gotten good, and we have THE BEST group of families on this team!

Missy Moo’s Preschool picture 🙂

Doodle’s Daisy troop on a tour of the fire station.

Doodle getting her award for the art work she entered into the district “reflections” competition with the principal of our school.J accepting his award.  His was forwarded on to compete at the district competition as well.  So proud of both of them.  They did it all on their own!

Missy Moo’s preschool class at the pumpkin patch.  Seriously – could she be any cuter?!


We are just gearing up the holiday season and transitioning between sports.  Soccer is over and we are heading into basketball and dancing.  Hope to run into all of you soon!

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Happy Veteran’s Day

“I disapprove of what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it.” – Voltaire

We caught the annual Veteran’s Day parade today in town.  It was beautiful out.  It started a little windy and chilly, but all the kids were stripping jackets by the end and it was gorgeous.  Again, our small town didn’t disappoint.  It always feels good to go to things like that and see people you know and are connected to.  Friends, friends of the kids, friends through sports.  We ended up running right into some great friends on the sidewalk and hanging out with them.  Thanks O family!

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She got a new dress!

A couple of weeks ago, when we had a stormy weekend, and we spent the day inside, I was able to get my sewing machine out and work on a few projects.  I finished a purse that Doodle had started and hemmed a dress-up dress that was too long.  Then I got out the cutest owl fabric you have ever seen and busted out a dress for Missy Moo.

I had one of those EASY patterns and it still took me just about all day off and on.  It turned out super cute though, and she looks great in it.  I took her outside for a little photo shoot.  She really worked the camera!


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FINALLY a post!

Sorry I’ve been such a bad blogger lately. With school starting for both the kids and I, then spending much of October sick – I have seriously neglected the blog. I’m definitely hoping to get on here more regularly!
I thought it would be nice to give a little update on our Halloween:)

All dressed up with our friend.

Cowgirl Doodle!


Froggie – Moo

J – Pirate Skeleton

Trick or treating times 3 = LOT’S of candy for Mommy!

It was a beautiful night – and felt really nice to spend the holiday in our own neighborhood.  Hope you all enjoyed your night as well.  Only 55 days until Christmas!!



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