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RANDOM – binder clips

Came across this great little video at The Clutter Diet Blog, highlighting some uses for binder clips.  Thought I’d share!



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on the road again

I went for a walk/jog (a wog as my bff says) today. First run of the new year. First run really in months! It was hard, and slow and FREEZING – but it felt good. I figure there had to be a first run back and that it wouldn’t be pretty, so at least now it is done. It only gets better from here right? If only I could do it more than once a week….

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getting myself in order

The kids are going back to school tomorrow – and I’m already in full swing of work.  It was such a nice two weeks home together, getting stuff done, doing activities we don’t usually do, crying and fighting about every little thing, enjoying the holidays… overall a great vacation.

This evening in an attempt to get us off on the right foot, I put together some organizational tools for both dinner planning and to help the kids help me with their chores.  I found these ideas as I randomly searched from blog to blog last night looking at nothing in particular, however somehow I now can’t remember which blog it was.  I’m sure the ideas aren’t terribly original anyhow, so I’ll claim them as my own for now 🙂

I REALLY like the idea of menu planning.  It is so up my ally.  The worst part of dinner for me is making the decision of what to make every night, so this is my attempt at moving my menu planning in that general direction.

The first thing I did was make a list of all the dinners we make.  I tried to include as many as possible.  I ended up with 20 main dishes.  This didn’t include the dinners we so often resort to like a can of soup or a frozen pizza.  Though, to be clear, I totally count those as dinner and even as cooking.  I mean, my kids can’t eat it frozen can they?

I took my list of dinners and went into Word, and I brought up a business card template and typed each dinner into a card.  Under the title I listed all the ingredients this main dish required.  Then I printed them on some business card paper I had to make them a bit more sturdier.

The goal is to look at what is in the fridge and freezer and pantry and look at my list of dinners and put together a list of four dinners for that week. (I figure four planned dinners would be a huge step in the right direction for my family!)  Then I can make a list of ingredients that I need to purchase when I do my weekly grocery shopping.  I’m hoping to add a bit of variety and continue to add more dinner cards as we go.  I’ve already thought of 3 more regular dinners that we like to make.  I also tried to include easy – no recipe required – type of dinners.

The next little thing I did was REALLY simple.  I took a handful of Popsicle sticks and wrote out all the kid friendly chores that I ask my kids to do.  Water plants, dump trash, sort laundry, clean the library upstairs, etc.  Then I put them into a cute little pitcher I have.  I want to have the kids draw their own chore sticks when I need things done.  That way there will be no negotiating.  No, “but I did the trash last time” – talk to the stick!  It has nothing to do with me.  You do the chore you pull.  Also I can pull out the sticks of things that don’t need to be done – like maybe the plants don’t need to be watered that time.

I was thinking I could easily write up extra chores that could be done for money as well that I want done, and see if there are any takers on those.  Maybe label the end that sticks out with a color so the kids know that a particular chore is harder, but also worth money.  We’ll see on that one.  So far I’ve been pretty firm on the – we all live in this house and we all clean it rule – no money involved.  But that may change.

I also was reminded about an idea for picking a weeks worth of outfits – socks, undies, accessories – on Sunday and putting them in a hanging sweater holder for the week.  This might be an idea I’m ready to start implementing soon.  We’ll see 🙂

Hope you all are having a great start to your new year!  Only 24 weeks until I’m on Summer vacation 🙂

I’m linking to skip to my Lou ‘s Made by you Monday and Blue Cricket Design

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