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Daisys, Love & Sewing

We hosted a little Valentine’s party for Doodle’s Daisy troop on Friday afternoon and incorporated a sewing lessons as well. The girls had such a good time and were really good. When it was over Doodle said it was the best party ever and that I was the best mom. She is such a sweet heart. That right there is why we did it.

We decorated the house all pink and red, and put out a station for making valentines with doilies, foam hears, scissors, pens and glue.  There were also snacks and treats that the other moms helped bring for the girls to snack on.  They also could play outside on the swing set while they waited for their turn to sew.

I put together a sewing lesson for all the girls talking about my machine and how to tread the bobbin.  I let them all come push the presser foot while we put thread on the bobbin as well.  They got to pick the fabric of their choice and make a winter hat.  They even had a chance to come back and make a second one if they wanted, and every girl did.

They had to cut, pin, sew and tie.  They even got to use my machine, which made it even cooler!!  They did a great job, and the finished project – their winter hats – turned out perfect!



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mini garland

As you know I’m a big fan of banners…. but, they can be a bit of work. So I made these cute little mini garlands last night in about 10 minutes!
I picked out several scraps of paper in pinks and reds and punched out hearts with my heart punch. This part took the most time.
Then I started running them through the sewing machine. I just kept pushing one after another. I stopped after an arms length or so, cut the thread and started another string of hearts.

I made three mini garlands to decorate the shelves that are in our living room with photos on them.

I think they are just adorable! And soooo easy.


I’m linking to Made By You Monday on Skip to My Lou.

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I came across this great video – Reflections of Motherhood. They asked moms if they could go back to right before they had their first child, what would they tell themselves? I love the mom who would tell herself that Google doesn’t have children. I Google EVERYTHING!
I would tell myself that there is no “right”  way to parent. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Don’t be so hard on other parents. We are all just doing the best we can.  Also I’d watch all the stuff that I swear I’ll never do.  You know – I won’t use TV as a babysitter, I won’t use food as bribery, I will never lose my temper or raise my voice.  Why do we set ourselves up like that???
Anyhow – great little video. Check it out.

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We were lucky enough to get to use the cabin (absolutely beautiful home) of a family member this last weekend and take a great little vacation up to Tahoe with the kids.  The weather Saturday was so beautiful, and we went to a local park and did some sledding.  The kids were little daredevils.  They had so much fun and asked to go back all weekend.

On Saturday night a little storm came through and dropped about 4 inches of fresh snow and continued to lightly flake all day Sunday.  It was perfect!  The kids went outside first thing and started making a track for sledding at the cabin, and continued working on it all day.  The hubby and I stayed in our PJs almost all day and just watched them from the window!  We read books, took a nap, did puzzles, played games, watch movies.  It was relaxing and beautiful and just so much fun.


My parents even came up and visited us for an afternoon.


Seabury Snow Photo 2011!

Little bit of Pirate eye…

Not bad.

Bunch of crazies!!

Thanks J and P for letting us enjoy your beautiful home!


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As you know, I love to find treasures at the Goodwill. I find the most amazing bargains on things I’ve always wanted or didn’t even know I needed 🙂 The other reason I love the Goodwill, is they take all my stuff that we are done with all year long! And, I feel good about giving it to someone who may be able to use it.  As much as I love a great deal – I get an even bigger thrill from decluttering and getting rid of stuff.
The secret to being a tosser is to make it easy to toss things! We have bags and boxes in 3 different places in our home for the stuff that needs to leave.
J has a box in his closet for all the clothes that he outgrows. These are given to my cousin who has a boy a year younger that appreciates the hand me downs.  As we come across things that don’t fit – they go straight into the box.  When it is full, we bag it up and give it to them.
The girls have 2 boxes in their closet. One is for our niece that is right between Doodle and Missy Moo in age; so Doodle’s clothing goes to her, and we get it back for Missy Moo. The other box is for Missy Moo’s old clothes and even toys that we later sort through to see what to donate and what to resell.  When a box is full, we bag it up or sort through it and get it out asap.
When the kids have clothing and toys that are finished in our house – too baby for anyone living here – and if they are in good shape, we sell them in a local consignment sale twice a year. It is a great sale ran through Just Between Friends. They have sales throughout the nation, so check them out. There are several in our area alone. I might add that this is also a great place to find lightly used baby equipment and clothing. Twice a year I participate in that sale, and I put that money straight into a vacation fund to help us do something fun!

The last box is in my closet! The hubs and I throw anything that doesn’t fit or we just shouldn’t be wearing anymore into this box when ever we run across things. As I work around the house and come across something we no longer need,( old baby plates and cups, ugly decor that I just shouldn’t still have) I just walk into my closet and put it in that box. Our room is down stairs so this works great for us. When the box in my closet is full – I bag it up and drop it at the Goodwill while running errands around town.

Having all these easy places to put things we no longer need makes it really convenient to keep clutter under control.  We rarely have tons of stuff to sort through because we have all been trained to do it constantly.  This is the system that works for us!

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