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The girls and I have spent the day scrapbooking upstairs. They have been cutting, glue and reminiscing. It is so cute and entertaining, and their pages aren’t half bad. Happy summer.



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Today is the official first day of summer for my kids. Can you believe that? A couple of their fabulous friends hosted a swim party this afternoon, and the kids had as much fun as kids enjoying their first day of summer should. There was so much laughing and playing. Good clean fun. Thanks Pickays.


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Poor Missy Moo had to have surgery today on a hernia. She was such a good girl, and everyone at the surgery center thought she was the best, cutest patient ever. She has spent the morning recovering in mommy and daddy’s bed, watching TV and snacking. She especially loves Jello.


The surgery went great and we are hoping to be back to normal next week… For the last week of school!!! Can you believe that?

Also, I figured out how to post onto the blog from my phone, so hopefully you will see more posts. 🙂

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