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So I made these cards with dinner ideas several months ago in the hopes that I would plan some meals ahead of time. It is nice to have a stack of reasonable ideas, but it hasn’t helped much with organization. Yesterday I made these little magnets from my plethora of scrabble tiles and put them on my kitchen blackboard.

I even made one with a G for the grocery list and added cards for “eating out”, “leftovers”, and “breakfast”.
It looks cute. Lets see if i stay on it!


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Swim lessons baby

Missy moo has started taking swim lessons this week. She loves being in the water, but is just too busy to be held back by the little fact that she doesn’t know how to swim. She wants to be out there with the other kids, so she would rather just put on floaties or a life vest. She is being very patient with her swim teacher, who we all agree happens to look like Ron Weasley, but I’m not convinced she will be an independent swimmer by the end of the week :). Either way, she sure looks cute!


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