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Daisys, Love & Sewing

We hosted a little Valentine’s party for Doodle’s Daisy troop on Friday afternoon and incorporated a sewing lessons as well. The girls had such a good time and were really good. When it was over Doodle said it was the best party ever and that I was the best mom. She is such a sweet heart. That right there is why we did it.

We decorated the house all pink and red, and put out a station for making valentines with doilies, foam hears, scissors, pens and glue.  There were also snacks and treats that the other moms helped bring for the girls to snack on.  They also could play outside on the swing set while they waited for their turn to sew.

I put together a sewing lesson for all the girls talking about my machine and how to tread the bobbin.  I let them all come push the presser foot while we put thread on the bobbin as well.  They got to pick the fabric of their choice and make a winter hat.  They even had a chance to come back and make a second one if they wanted, and every girl did.

They had to cut, pin, sew and tie.  They even got to use my machine, which made it even cooler!!  They did a great job, and the finished project – their winter hats – turned out perfect!



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mini garland

As you know I’m a big fan of banners…. but, they can be a bit of work. So I made these cute little mini garlands last night in about 10 minutes!
I picked out several scraps of paper in pinks and reds and punched out hearts with my heart punch. This part took the most time.
Then I started running them through the sewing machine. I just kept pushing one after another. I stopped after an arms length or so, cut the thread and started another string of hearts.

I made three mini garlands to decorate the shelves that are in our living room with photos on them.

I think they are just adorable! And soooo easy.


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She got a new dress!

A couple of weeks ago, when we had a stormy weekend, and we spent the day inside, I was able to get my sewing machine out and work on a few projects.  I finished a purse that Doodle had started and hemmed a dress-up dress that was too long.  Then I got out the cutest owl fabric you have ever seen and busted out a dress for Missy Moo.

I had one of those EASY patterns and it still took me just about all day off and on.  It turned out super cute though, and she looks great in it.  I took her outside for a little photo shoot.  She really worked the camera!


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I finally finished something!

So these weeks seem to be flying by. I got a nasty cold on Thursday, and that wiped out the entire weekend. I’m feeling a little bit better now. Last week was really kind of relaxing and nice, and I gave myself permission to take it as easy as I wanted. I assumed that I would push myself to be busy and productive, but it turns out I’m really quite comfortable with lazy! Who knew?
I did finish all the cleaning out and purging and sorting of the kids stuff. I also got the sewing machine out. Yep set it up with all my stuff on the dining room table and haven’t done a thing with it.

But… I did manage to finish this project that I has been sitting in my office for months.

I’ve been slowly working on these sweet frames.  Even though they sat in the garage for several weeks, I kept thinking about them and envisioned them finished.  Eventually I went out in the garage and spent an afternoon and took the paper backing and staples off.  Then I pushed the original “art” out…. and threw everything in the trash!  Then I used a little putty on the corners where it looked like they weren’t together real well.  I don’t know that it helped much though.  Next I gave one a coat of white paint.  And it bubbled up.

Not happy.  So I busted out the primer and gave them all several coats of white primer.

And then…. they sat like that for weeks in the garage.  Finally, the hubby got tired of them in his garage, and started applying coats of shiny white paint for me.  This also took several days of a coat here and there – but finally, they all got a great little paint job.

Unfortunately, it took me forever to work on the silhouettes of the kids. Until…. this week!  The whole project probably took me 30 minutes!  I can’t believe I waited so long to finish them.  I just love them.  They are hanging above a console table in our entry.

I’m so happy with how they turned out!

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When I was planning Missy Moo’s tea party, I found this cute plate at the Goodwill and just had to had it. I figured something would come to me. A week or so later I found the crystal candle stick holder. I brought them home and told the hubby to “make them stick together and never come apart”. He said, “okay.” When he came in from the garage they were stuck together! Never to come apart again. I think he used some sort of industrial epoxy. It is a little bubbly on the bottom, but you don’t see that part. I think it turned out so sweet!

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I made this!

And This!

I’m really pretty proud of myself.  My mom got me a sewing machine for Christmas, and the pink and blue apron was the first thing I made.  It took me FOREVER!  I had never worked with bias tape before….  Anyhow – I just love how it turned out and wanted to make another one.  The black and white one went SOOO much faster and also turned out super cute.  I thought I would just keep them both, but it seemed silly (especially considering how much cooking I do!), so I listed the black and white one on etsy.  And it already sold!  If I was getting paid by the hour, this would not be a lucrative career for me, but for now it is just fun.

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New Camera Strap Cover

I found a really simple tutorial over at Priddy Creations for making a camera strap cover. She makes some beautiful camera bags, straps, and accessories – if you don’t want to sew your own.  I followed it (almost) exactly, and it totally turned out!! I added a little bid of batting to it for some cushion because I didn’t have fusible fleece, and used some cute material I had. I just love it. The hubby has said that he doesn’t think he will be taking my camera any time soon with such a girlie cover though.

Perfect way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon.

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