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So I made these cards with dinner ideas several months ago in the hopes that I would plan some meals ahead of time. It is nice to have a stack of reasonable ideas, but it hasn’t helped much with organization. Yesterday I made these little magnets from my plethora of scrabble tiles and put them on my kitchen blackboard.

I even made one with a G for the grocery list and added cards for “eating out”, “leftovers”, and “breakfast”.
It looks cute. Lets see if i stay on it!


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Swim lessons baby

Missy moo has started taking swim lessons this week. She loves being in the water, but is just too busy to be held back by the little fact that she doesn’t know how to swim. She wants to be out there with the other kids, so she would rather just put on floaties or a life vest. She is being very patient with her swim teacher, who we all agree happens to look like Ron Weasley, but I’m not convinced she will be an independent swimmer by the end of the week :). Either way, she sure looks cute!


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The girls and I have spent the day scrapbooking upstairs. They have been cutting, glue and reminiscing. It is so cute and entertaining, and their pages aren’t half bad. Happy summer.


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Today is the official first day of summer for my kids. Can you believe that? A couple of their fabulous friends hosted a swim party this afternoon, and the kids had as much fun as kids enjoying their first day of summer should. There was so much laughing and playing. Good clean fun. Thanks Pickays.


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Poor Missy Moo had to have surgery today on a hernia. She was such a good girl, and everyone at the surgery center thought she was the best, cutest patient ever. She has spent the morning recovering in mommy and daddy’s bed, watching TV and snacking. She especially loves Jello.


The surgery went great and we are hoping to be back to normal next week… For the last week of school!!! Can you believe that?

Also, I figured out how to post onto the blog from my phone, so hopefully you will see more posts. 🙂

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Daisys, Love & Sewing

We hosted a little Valentine’s party for Doodle’s Daisy troop on Friday afternoon and incorporated a sewing lessons as well. The girls had such a good time and were really good. When it was over Doodle said it was the best party ever and that I was the best mom. She is such a sweet heart. That right there is why we did it.

We decorated the house all pink and red, and put out a station for making valentines with doilies, foam hears, scissors, pens and glue.  There were also snacks and treats that the other moms helped bring for the girls to snack on.  They also could play outside on the swing set while they waited for their turn to sew.

I put together a sewing lesson for all the girls talking about my machine and how to tread the bobbin.  I let them all come push the presser foot while we put thread on the bobbin as well.  They got to pick the fabric of their choice and make a winter hat.  They even had a chance to come back and make a second one if they wanted, and every girl did.

They had to cut, pin, sew and tie.  They even got to use my machine, which made it even cooler!!  They did a great job, and the finished project – their winter hats – turned out perfect!


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I came across this great video – Reflections of Motherhood. They asked moms if they could go back to right before they had their first child, what would they tell themselves? I love the mom who would tell herself that Google doesn’t have children. I Google EVERYTHING!
I would tell myself that there is no “right”  way to parent. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Don’t be so hard on other parents. We are all just doing the best we can.  Also I’d watch all the stuff that I swear I’ll never do.  You know – I won’t use TV as a babysitter, I won’t use food as bribery, I will never lose my temper or raise my voice.  Why do we set ourselves up like that???
Anyhow – great little video. Check it out.

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